Turkish Journal of Urology
Case Report

A case of seminal vesicle cyst associated with ipsilateral renal agenesis diagnosed during an investigation of urinary incontinence


Clinic of Urology, İnegöl Public Hospital, Bursa, Turkey


Clinic of Urology, Şişli Etfal Training and Research Hospital, İstanbul, Turkey

Turk J Urol 2013; 39: 53-55
DOI: 10.5152/tud.2013.011
Read: 788 Downloads: 575 Published: 25 July 2019


Seminal vesicle cysts are rare and usually associated with ipsilateral renal agenesis. The diagnosis of seminal vesicle cysts may be delayed or missed because of the non-specific symptoms of this condition. In this study, we aimed to discuss the diagnosis and treatment of a left seminal vesicle cyst that was associated ipsilateral agenesis in a 24-year-old patient who presented to our outpatient department with urinary incontinence. Ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging revealed a seminal vesicle cyst measuring 40x45 mm in diameter. Although the patient’s symptoms were relieved with cyst aspiration via transrectal ultrasonography, the symptoms recurred 6 months later.

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